FLAIM Extinguisher™ provides trainers with the capability to train users in situations and scenarios that are:

  • Inherently unsafe and difficult to reproduce.
  • No longer possible due to environmental, community and regulatory constraints.
  • Incur significant training cost in time, people and assets.

FLAIM Extinguisher is a safe, low cost, portable training solution that can realistically simulate a range of fire events and conditions to effectively train first responders. It is a self-trainer with visual and audio prompts to facilitate experiential learning by the trainee. 

FLAIM Extinguisher facilitates organisations to meet statutory OH&S staff fire training requirements and to better train first responders to handle and use industry standard fire extinguishers.

What’s in the suitcase


FLAIM Extinguisher places users in a realistic training scenario available by utilising several customised elements:

  • Head Mounted Display: A head mounted VR display
  • Extinguisher Nozzle: Sensored nozzle that attaches to industry standard fire extinguishers of all sizes.

Our FLAIM Extinguisher training package comes with a number of standard fire scenarios for environments including car, aircraft, house, rural, office, warehouse, commercial kitchen and ship.

FLAIM’s R&D team can work with organisations to develop customised scenarios that are unique in their workplace or industry.

Explore different environments

FLAIM Extinguisher comes with a package of common scenarios in the following environments:

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TRIFIRE is a specialized company which develops and produces fire training equipment. Furthermore, TRIFIRE distributes equipment from FLAIM Systems and Nomotec. Our aim is to enable successful fire training that meets the many demands of procurement managers as well as instructors and daily users. 

FLAIM Trainer and FLAIM Extinguisher are developed and produced by FLAIM Systems in Australia. Visit FLAIM Systems website, for further information about the FLAIM virtual fire training equipment.


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