TRIFIRE’s products are made of stainless steel of the highest quality and can withstand the often extreme conditions during training.

However, all equipment requires maintenance or repairs. Whether it’s unexpected breakdowns or preventive replacement of wearing parts in connection with maintenance, TRIFIRE takes care of everything, from minor repairs to major repairs. Depending on the nature of the repair and the size of the equipment, we offer repairs on site or at our workshop.

Service agreement – breakdowns are minimized
It is frustrating to be left with a burner or other equipment that suddenly does not work on the actual training day. With properly inspected and maintained equipment, you ensure that your equipment works optimally in any situation. It may therefore be a good idea to sign a service agreement. Depending on the use of the training equipment, we make a tailor-made service agreement that suits you.

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    TRIFIRE is a specialized company which develops and produces fire training equipment. Furthermore, TRIFIRE distributes equipment from FLAIM Systems and Nomotec. Our aim is to enable successful fire training that meets the many demands of procurement managers as well as instructors and daily users. 

    TRIFIRE also has virtual equipment for fire training.

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