TRIFIRE Quickflame Liquid Professional Series


You need other means and methods to put out liquid fires than fires in solid materials. With TRIFIRE’s liquid burner you can train putting out liquid fires without any risk or pollution.

The propane / butane gas bubbles up through the water and ignites on the surface, giving you the exact same experience as would an authentic liquid fire of about 1 square meter. Furthermore, the specially developed ignition system ensures that the burner works smoothly regardless of the amount of water or powder on the burner.

TRIFIRE offers a 10 year warranty on the body work and chassis, on our burners.


Height: 270 mm
Width: 750 mm
Length / depth: 1140 mm
Weight: 40 kg

TRIFIRE Quickflame Dry Professional Series


TRIFIRE’s dry burner is a base unit on which you can mount props to simulate different types of fires. To protect the dry burner from temperature shock, the props are mounted on a stainless steel plate above the unit containing the burner, valves and electronics.

TRIFIRE offers a 10 year warranty on the body work and chassis, on our burners.


Height: 325 mm
Width: 430 mm
Length / depth: 700 mm
Weight: 40 kg

TRIFIRE’s tørbrænder, her med
attrappen papirkurv monteret på.


TRIFIRE’s burners are handmade and of first-class stainless steel, which ensures high
temperature strength and oxidation resistance. All other materials, including electronic valves, batteries, electrical circuits, cables, buttons and pipes are carefully selected to endure the often extreme training conditions.

The whole range of TRIFIRE products are designed and developed in Denmark.

All TRIFIRE’S burners are equipped with:

  • Electronic remote control with 10 meters of cable enabling you to start and stop the liquid burner or dry burner from a safe distance. The remote control also serves as dead man’s switch.
  • Gas tubes with quick couplers in both ends enable you to quickly attach and remove the tubes. The quick couplers also ensure that the bottled gas remains in the tube. This means that you do not need to fill the tube with gas when starting the liquid burner or dry burner.
  • Manometer with regulator and quick couplers enabling you to regulate the gas pressure and thus the size of the flame according to temperature and need.
  • Fixed wheels enabling you to move the liquid burner or dry burner with ease.

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TRIFIRE is a specialized company which develops and produces fire training equipment. Furthermore, TRIFIRE distributes equipment from FLAIM Systems and Nomotec. Our aim is to enable successful fire training that meets the many demands of procurement managers as well as instructors and daily users. 

TRIFIRE also has virtual equipment for fire training.

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